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SBH trench shoring

Trench Shoring Products – Slide Rail Shoring – Double Slide Rails Series 750

This trench shoring systems has got two guides for the shoring plates.

Due to the second guide not the entire shoring height must be removed at one time but only the trench shoring plate in one guide has to be taken out first. Same like the other trench shoring systems also here the compatible rolling struts can be used and offer a wide range of applications.

When laying pipes with overlength the rolling struts can be positioned staggered in height so that they allow to pitch in the pipes.

The Double Slide Rail Shoring is mainly used in deep trench constructions where high strut clearances are required and where the terrain tends to settings. With a soil support also larger strut clearance heights can be realized and with the SBH patented adjustable clamping device even strut-free trench shoring pits are realizable.

Pits and trench ends can be closed all around by means of corner slide rails and trench shoring plates.

Mini-Rolling Strut

Recommended trench depth:

base rail only, up to:4,80m
with top rail, up to:7,60m
Trench width:1,99 - 6,99m
Strut clearance height (hc):max. 2,79m
Doppelgleitschiene SBH



Standard-Rolling Strut

Recommended trench depth:

base rail only, up to:6,20m
with top rail, up to:9,00m
Trench width:1,99 - 6,99m
Strunt clearance heigth (hc):max. 3,34m
Doppelgleitschiene Standard SBH



Mega-Rolling Strut

Recommended trench depth:

base rail only, up to:7,60m
with top rail, up to:9,00m
Trench width:2,64 - 7,64m
Strut clearance height (hc):max. 3,79m
Doppelgleitschiene Mega SBH



Chain excavator
up to 6,20m depth24 - 31t
for depth deeper than 6,20m30 - 50t

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