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SBH trench shoring

Trench Shoring Products – Pile Chamber Series 400

Pile chambers are the first choice where supply lines are crossing.

This trench shoring system combines trench shoring plates and trench sheets. The pile chamber is the guiding frame for trench sheets and at the same time it is the upper support.

The excavator can easily push in the trench sheets before excavation takes place. The adjustment of the required working width is effected by means of SBH trench shoring spindles and extension pipes.

With additional plate guiding profiles the pile chamber can be used also for the slide rail shoring. Trench sheets type KD 6/8 are the most common types of trench sheets used with the pile chamber system.

Pile chambers for other trench sheets are available on request.

max. installation depth:6,00m
Trench width:1,30 - 4,58m
Strut clearance height (hc):max. 2,00m
Mobile excavator:9 - 13t
pile chamber model 1
pile chamber model 2
pile chamber model 3

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