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Trench Shoring Products – Box Shoring - Standard Box with Transformation Profile Series 600

The SBH Transformation Profile combines base and top plates to form a trench shoring box unit. Its strut clearance height equals approximately the height of the base plate. Using the Transformation Profile with your existing trench shoring boxes, you can thus realize larger strut clearance heights without the need for switching to other trench shoring systems.

Another advantage is that the box can be transported dismantled and can be assembled on site so that no special transport is required.

The Transformation Profile slides over the posts of the base and top plates and is then pinned. The unique strutting system is composed of four heavy duty square tubes connected to the profile via integrated pring spindle holders. This feature allows the lowering of the trench shoring box using the "cut and lower" method.

max. trench depth:4,00m
Trench width:2,22 - 6,55m
Strut clearance height (hc):bis 2,29m
Mobile and chain excavator:18 - 30t
standardbox with transformation profile model

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