SBH trench shoring


Trench Shoring for small cable and pipe laying work and the use of light construction machinery.

The SBH Aluminium Shoring Series 250 offers the best solution for smaller trench shoring projects and for the use of lighter construction machinery. With a wide range of applications, the Aluminium Shoring is ideal for example for house connections, supply lines and cable lying.

Up to a depth of 2,40 m, the SBH Aluminium Shoring can easily be used as trench edge support, as a trench box, or in combination with corner posts as a pit shoring.

ALUMINIUM SHORING Series 250 in action

The light construction makes the assembly quick and the installation with the "place and adjust" method is rather simple. The 60 cm high supports can easily be handled by two persons and the 2,40 m high aluminium trench boxes can be installed and removed with a mini excavator without any problems. The weight of a complete trench shoring unit with a length of 2.00 m is not more than 380 kg.

To fulfil the requirements of the aluminium shoring, specially pressed profiles have been developed to ensure the best material performance during extreme working procedures.

max. installation depth:2,40m
trench width:0,78 - 2,38m
strut clearance height (hc):0,71m
mini excavator:3 - 9t

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