SBH Counterweights

SBH Counterweights

SBH counterweights made ​​of steel. - Maximum functionality in strong style.

SBH Counterweights Made of Steel – Top Functionality in Perfect Shape.

The steel counterweights put ballast onto cranes, road rollers and all kinds of construction machines.
You can obtain the counterweights in whatever design you like and up to a unit weight of 24 tons.

Steel Counterweights = Less volume. – More Weight.

SBH specializes on two beneficial production technologies:
1. Precisely tailored steel slabs, tailor-made for your machine
2. Individual construction. For this purpose, SBH builds a steel cage in the desired shape and design which is equipped with steel weights until the requested tonnage is achieved.
All SBH counterweights meet highest safety standards. Before an item leaves our works, it undergoes a thorough examination of the weld seams and is certified.

Call us and convince yourself of the numerous advantages of the SBH counterweights made of steel.
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